Meeting summary Turkey

Being a Transnational Project Meeting with the participation of the contact persons and the IT professionals of each partner, the main purpose of the meeting was to finalize our ideas about the use of gamification in different educational institutions. In order to be able to do this, the first thing we had to do was to know our students, aka the players. So we started with profiling our students and saw that the profiles and as a result the needs of the students in different education levels dramatically differed. After a lengthy introduction and discussion about gamification as a concept, and its non-educational uses around the world, we passed to the details of gamification (badges, rewards, leadership etc). Following this, our next challenge was distributing the tasks of partners for this hard-work requiring project.

Objectives Achieved
Student profile assessment
Basic concepts of gamification and its use in education
Task distribution
Work program of the Intellectual Output and its basics

Meeting Number: 1
Meeting Venue: Kusadasi (Turkey)
Meeting Dates: 14-18 October 2015
Meeting Type: Transnational Project Meeting
Total number of participants: 10

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