Talavera dissemination event

On Friday evening, CEPA Río Tajo organised a dissemination event at the school, with the idea  of making our project and the work carried out during the meeting visible to all the institutions in Talavera.

There were representatives from the local and regional authorities, both at political and educational levels, as well as teachers and principals of other educational institutions in the area, including the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Mary Cruz Crespo, European Projects manager at CEPA Río Tajo for over 10 years, talked about the benefits for disadvantaged students like CEPA’s own of participating in this kind of projects as a way to greatly complement their formation and improve their views of the world, and also about the necessity of having all the parts involved (teachers, school management teams, authorities) committed to bringing this European dream to life.

Mary Cruz Crespo and Oscar González

Oscar González Cabo, coordinator of the project, talked about the principles of gamification and how they apply to our educational systems. He also made a summary of how this project came into being from previous European experiences and, finally, explained the expected results of the project, both in terms of Intellectual Output but also in terms of methodological approaches to teaching which, as could be seen during the meeting week, dramatically increased engagement and motivation to participate in diverse learning experiences as well as to improve personal relations.

Finally, the students from all countries, as part of the cultural exchange aspects of the Erasmus+ programme, presented different performances or shows that highlight their cultures’ values but also their own values as students participanting in a European project, overcoming the difficulties of communication and becoming a European team.

Turkish students team

The whole team

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