Meeting summary Asturias

The final meeting of the project was hosted by the coordinating school.

The main purpose of this meeting was to wrap up everything related to The Learning Games project and our activities as well as the preparation of the Multiplier Event, in other words, the Gala of both our project and our Intellectual Output.

During the first two days of the meeting, the staff of the partner institutions worked on the administrative matters of the project like filling in the mobility tool, preparation of the texts for the europass mobility certificates and the overall quality evaluation of the project and its activities. We also carried out a Classquest in action activity with the students of the coordinating institution.

On the third day, we reviewed the materials for the multiplier event and prepared the necessary documents and presentations. We also came together with the software developer students of the coordinating institution to review the introduction about classquest in the Multiplier event.

The fourth day of the meeting was dedicated to the multiplier event and the participants from the partner institutions came together with local and regional policy makers, gamification gurus and other stakeholders in the area to provide information about the project and mainly the intellectual output. During the multiplier event, we also had hands-on workshops about gamification.

Meeting Number: 6

Meeting Venue: Asturias – Spain

Meeting Dates: 06-11 June 2017

Meeting Type: Project meeting

Total number of participants: 14

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